we bring context to location

urban analytix is pioneering the use of anonymised and aggregated location and movement data to provide unique business intelligence and actionable insights across a range of industries.

Because our products aren't targeted to individuals we don't use cookies or other identifiers to generate audience data. By using a unique combination of datasets we're able to build accurate and detailed insights into consumer behavior at a highly localised level.

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We build sophisticated cookieless audience segments for advertisers and agencies. These combine contextual demographic, consumer spending and socio-economic datasets to give accurate and 100% privacy compliant audience targeting.


We're developing a unique privacy first publisher solution that can create tailored audience segments and higher page yield, without compromising your audience's privacy. (coming soon)

Enterprise solutions

As well as our own platform, Urban Explorer, we offer a full suite of APIs to enable our clients to quickly and easily  integrate Urban Analytix data into existing platforms.

Alternative Data Markets

Urban Analytix data is used by a variety of asset management firms to inform trend analysis.


Our data can help understand how to plan for the future of transport. For example, we provide a national and local picture of electric vehicle adoption and usage to help plan the installation of charging infrastructure.

Retail recovery index

In partnership with Three we provide a unique insight into the effects of COVID-19 on the high street. We can identify trends in consumer movement across multplie brands and retail categories as the world returns to normal.

Vulnerability index

Our unique vulnerability index combines the latest government data with mobile movemnt data to help our clients identify and understand the most vulnerable areas of the UK based on a variety of factors including environment, health, mental wellbeing, poverty and exclusion.


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